Construction of the subway section of the Third Transfer Circuit (TTC) with three station complexes “Zyuzino”, “Vorontsovskaya” (“Kaluzhskaya”), “Novatorov Street”

Volumes of construction:
Tunnel excavation with a TBM complex 9291.8 m;
Construction of station “Zyuzino”, a shallow station, column three-span (construction volume – 139692 m3);
Construction of a station complex “Kaluzhskaya”, a shallow station, column three-span (construction volume – 162619 m3);
Construction of the station complex “Novatorov Street”, a shallow station, column two-span (construction volume – 124886 m3);
Cross-over track chamber and dead ends;
Chamber of metal structures (abutment to the current metro line);
Five tunnel buildings, which include water drainage plants (WDP) and tunnel ventilation units (TVU);
Four tehnical cross-passages between tunnels are carried out in a covered way (special method).