At the metro station “Michurinsky Prospekt” of the Kalininsko-Solntsevskaya line, works began on the technological connection of the “semi-underground” to the operating Ramenki station! This “operation” will take place in several stages. Now, the first preparatory stage in in work, which will take the builders a week. During this period, experts will deliver and mount a temporary shutter, through which they also equip temporary ventilation for three-time air exchange of the existing dead-ends of the Ramenki station. Time of the second stage builders will spend on laying upper track structure on the inactive part of deadlocks “Ramenki” and equip the railroad track in the place of the assembly-panel chamber No. 10.1 to the running tunnel towards Michurinsky Prospekt. The next “operation” will be devoted to the installation and arrangement of engineering systems: tunnel lighting, traction network, ATTT (automation and telemechanics of train traffic) and communication networks. Also, within the framework of works on the second stage, it is necessary to perform works on the retrofitting of the existing traction substation TPP-709 Ramenki with regard to the additional installation of equipment. And the final stage of the “connection” of “Michurinsky Prospect” with Ramenki will be the dismantling of the temporary shutter with ventilation and the “connection” of the tracks of the site itself. All these works of LLC “IBT” will be completed in March 2018. Also, on a unique three-storey station, work continues on the facade and platform part facing.

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