Soak up the atmosphere of peace and tranquility will soon be possible at the metro station “Rasskazovka”. It turned into a library reading room. Virtual! Books of Russian classics are already on the shelves.

Literature is not only on the travel walls, but also on the columns. They are the drawers of the file cabinet. They bear the names of the works, the names of the authors and QR codes. Using your mobile phone you can download your favorite book for the trip.

Granite of all shades of gray has already been laid on the floor of the station.

Now builders are installing architectural lighting. On the ceiling there are square lamps, and the base of the columns and the name of the station on the traveling walls are illuminated by LED lamps.

In the dead ends a unique technology for the arrangement of cross-tracks is used. Previously, the upper structure of the track was mounted on crushed stone – laid sleepers, then rails and aligned with a special train. Now the upper structure of the track is hung in the air on special LVT-blocks and is leveled, then concrete is poured. This way of laying is much more practical and more durable.

Work is intensively carried our not only under ground, but also on the surface. The asphalt has already been laid.

“Rasskazovka” will become part of a major transport and transfer hub. Multifunctional shopping center in TTH will become a “point of attraction” of the district. There will be shops, a children’s entertainment zone, a dispatch room, a recreation area for drivers and even the administration of the Vnukovo settlement.