Construction Company «IBT» Performs works on the construction and installation of various underground facilities:


The main objects of LLC «IBT» in the capital are:

Three stations of the southern section of the Third Transfer Circuit (TTC) station «Kakhovskaya» – station «Prospekt Vernadskoho»:

       Metro section with “Kommunarka” and “Stolbovo” stations

62 km underground metro section with the «Rasskazovka» station complex of Kalininsko-Solntsevskaya line

       Unique semi-underground metro station «Michurinsky Prospekt» of Kalininsko-Solntsevskaya line;

The company is equipped with modern and progressive machines and mechanisms necessary to perform the whole range of tunnel construction works. The material and technical base of the «IBT» includes the Herrenkneht tunnel-boring mechanized complexes (TBM) with an external diameter of 6250 mm, rolling stock, hoisting and transport mechanisms, earthmoving equipment, autonomous diesel power plants and ventilation plants, power equipment, surveying instruments and life support equipment, and machines for the construction of «walls in the ground».